In the middle of the night



Funny and captivating how fast time goes by. A little bit sad if we get to think of the years which pass by so rapidly. Day after day, night after night, time flies and we’re constantly finding ourselves in different life situations – enjoying the present and starting all over again or never letting go of the past, dreaming of the future and so on.

Oh, how extremely important it is to seize the moment in this time carousel! To enjoy each day and make the night one of our allies. The latter has so much to offer: rest, passion, time for reflection, sweet dreams, long parties. Yes, there will also be nights filled with worries or maybe nightmares, but this is life. Que sera, sera!

Jewelry items:

 1. Pisces 18-karat white gold multi-stone earrings by Lydia Courteille

2. Yellow gold and pearl My Sweet Dreams Earrings by Marie-Hélène de Taillac x Tasaki

3. Gold-plated multi-stone earrings by PERCOSSI PAPI

4. Pearl & Diamond Moon Drop Earrings by RENEE LEWIS


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