Jewelry with soul



At the end of 2016, I was invited at Sabion Galleries to discover the new creations of Gianni Lazzaro, a Romanian jewelry designer who currently lives in Dusseldorf  and whose collections you can also find at the most important exhibitions in Geneva, Basel, Hong Kong and Las Vegas.

His 2017 “Jewelry with soul” collection is very impressive as it combines colors, precious metals and rare gemstones into true works of art.

But beyond the adornments, what impressed me the most was that I discovered there not only jewelry, but people with soul, including the designer and his wife as well as Sabion’s representatives.  Their authentic passion for jewelry and willingness to provide valuable information about it showed me once again why I enjoy so much visiting them.

Here it is a selection of Gianni Lazzaro’s creations:

*Diamond, opal and sapphire bracelet

*Diamond and tourmaline brooch

*Diamond and sapphire pendant

*Aquamarine, diamond and sapphire ring

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