Mixing colors – green, purple and yellow



How often do you pay attention to the mix of colors in a design? Think about it now! Do you agree that the beauty of an art work depends on the artist’s ability to combine the perfect elements such as materials and colors?

Just look at these pieces and observe how well purple goes with green and yellow.

I rest my case.


Jewelry items:

1. 19th century cabochon emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond bangle, French c.1890 

2. Judy Geib Colombian emerald amethyst mosaic cuff

3. Ornate 18k yellow gold bracelet with faceted, rectangular amethyst links and larger amethyst centerpiece set within swirled, beaded frame, 1860. Via Olivia Collings Antique Jewelry


PS: my favorite game these days – finding a correspondence between the colors displayed on Matisse’s Snail collage and real designs. 🙂

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