Romanian jewelry designers



Tens of collections, dozens of stories behind them, vivid colors, different materials and techniques, unique creations, statement jewelry. This is what I found at Autor 10, the largest Romanian contemporary jewelry fair that took place last weekend in Bucharest.

No extra words are needed ’cause the photos my friend Andrei took at the fair speak for themselves.

Just take a look:

Photo credit: Andrei Gindac

Jewelry items:

1. Ana Wagner

2. Expression by Alexandra Ungurelu

3. Alina Simion

4. Alis Lalu

5. Alliage by Dana Tudor

6. Andra Lupu

7. Moogu by Andreea Mogosanu

8. Andreia Popescu

9. Angelina Tzvetkova

10. Carla Szabo

11. Brielle Bijoux by Gabi Secarea

12. Ioana Enache

13. Iuliana Asoltanei

14. Mihaela Tarhuna

15. Prochaine by Anca Radulescu

16. Raluca Buzura

17. Maria Filipescu


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