The ocean



I do not know how to explain it but the blue water of the sea or ocean comforts me so much. It’s like receiving a good vibe from it, something similar to inner peace and relaxation. Although I don’t know how to swim, for me it would be just enough to sit on the shore and feel the ocean’s heartbeat and get connected to its inner world.

Jewelry items:

1. Teal Paraiba mermaid pin/pendant, Arunashi 

2. Ring with a marine motif of coral and madrepores white 18kt gold, sand-treated and polished, central pink, Massimo Izzo

3. Emerald and kunzite starfish pendant/brooch, Marilyn Cooperman

4. Rose and yellow 18 kt gold earrings, shell-shaped Santo Domingo amber and white diamonds paveted seahorses

5. Ring made of yellow gold and a hollow crystal dome, filled with pearls, 18kt yellow gold stars and diamonds, Bibi van der Velden

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